Currency Exchange Rate

These are the official exchange rates based on National Bank of Cambodia. There might be changes at the time you are visiting a branch. Please check the exchange rate at branch for real-time exchange rates and transaction.

Exchange Rate on: 2020-08-13

Official Exchange Rate: 4097 KHR / USD

Currency​ រូបិយប័ណ្ឌ Symbol និមិត្តសញ្ញា Unit ឯកតា Bid ទិញចូល Ask លក់ចេញ Average មធ្យម
Australian Dollar ដុល្លារអូស្ត្រាលី AUD/KHR
Canadian Dollar ដុល្លារកាណាដា CAD/KHR
Switzerland Franc ស្វ៊ីសហ្វ្រង់ CHF/KHR
Off-shore CNY ចិនយន់ក្រៅប្រទេស CNH/KHR
China Yuan ចិនយន់ CNY/KHR
European Euro អឺរ៉ូអ៊ឺរ៉ុប EUR/KHR
British Pound ផោនអង់គ្លេស GBP/KHR
Hong Kong Dollar ដុល្លារហុងកុង HKD/KHR
Indonesian Rupiah រូពីឥណ្ឌូនេស៊ី IDR/KHR
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