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CCU Elite Account is the most prestigious account that offers competitive interest rates and additional features compared to all accounts. It is designed to help you manage and grow your wealth while providing exclusive benefits.

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  • High interest rates: Our Elite Account offers higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts, allowing your savings to grow faster over time.
  • Tiered interest rates: With our Premier Account, the interest rate increases as your balance grows, providing even more earning potential for your savings.
  • Flexibility: Our Elite Account offers flexibility in managing your funds, allowing unlimited deposits and withdrawals, so you can access your wealth whenever you need it.
  • Additional benefits: Our Elite Account may come with additional benefits such as preferential rates on loans, discounted fees, and access to exclusive banking services.
  • Online and mobile banking: Our Elite Account provides convenient access to your account through online and mobile banking, allowing you to manage your savings anytime and anywhere.

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Why Choose US?

Convenient banking services

With online and mobile banking, you can conveniently manage your Premier Account, track your savings, and make transactions from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Flexible access to funds

With unlimited deposits and withdrawals, our Elite Account provides the flexibility to manage your finances and access your money when you need it.

Higher interest rates

Our Elite Account offers attractive interest rates, helping you maximize the growth of your savings.

Personalized customer service

Our dedicated customer service team is committed to providing personalized assistance and support, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

Additional benefits

Our Elite Account comes with additional benefits that add value to your banking relationship, such as preferential rates on loans and discounted fees.

Hassle-free process

Opening a fixed deposit account with us is quick and easy, with minimal documentation requirements and a seamless application process.

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