Proudly present our CCU Mobile

CCU Mobile is a modern mobile application of CCU mobile banking service, and it was designed to provide unlimited financial services to customers. Customers can perform transactions anytime and anywhere via Smart Phone without having to go to visit CCU Bank branch office.

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  • Account access: Our mobile banking app allows you to access your bank account information, including balances, transaction history, and account statements, with just a few taps.
  • Fund transfers: With mobile banking, you can easily transfer funds between your own accounts or to other bank accounts, making it convenient to send money to friends, family, or pay bills.
  • Bill payments: Our mobile banking app enables you to pay your bills conveniently and securely, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of writing checks or visiting payment centers.
  • Mobile deposits: You can deposit checks into your bank account by simply taking a photo of the check using your mobile device, eliminating the need to visit a branch or ATM.
  • Security features: Our mobile banking app is equipped with advanced security features, such as biometric authentication and encryption, to ensure the safety and privacy of your financial transactions.

Why Choose US?

CCU Mobile Banking is FREE

CCU Mobile is free of charge for all customers. Customers can download “CCU Mobile” from AppStore and PlayStore and install it into their smart phone anytime and anywhere.

24 x 7 banking services

This is one of the biggest benefits of CCU mobile banking. As a bank customer, you may have an urgent need the transferring or withdrawing money. This is where digital services like mobile banking play a huge role. There is no need to visit the bank branch, wait in long queues or delay an urgent transaction. You can do that instantly through your mobile phone. You can even do bill payments anytime.

Instant Transactions

Instant transactions are one of the biggest plus points of this type of banking. If you rely on visiting the bank branch, you will be unable to conduct urgent transactions outside bank hours. You can instantly transfer funds at any time of the day regardless of day and night or bank holidays.

Availability of all banking services

Through mobile banking, you can avail yourself of almost every banking service. You do not need to visit the bank branch. For instance, you can transfer money, make payments, create an Fixed Deposit in seconds, pay bills and get your bank statements through this service. These features are so easily available that most of us can use them without help.

Breaks the linguistic barrier

Mobile banking of many financial institutions are available in multiple languages. This makes it easier for most people to perform mobile banking on their own. This reduces any confusion that you would otherwise face. These multilingual mobile banking applications make the country more banking centric as the rural population is also actively using them.

Improved security in Mobile Banking

These applications tighten security through features like multiple pins, face id, fingerprint lock and multi-factor authentication. Through these security features, your bank accounts become more secure against thefts. In case your phone gets lost or stolen, banks offer the facility to disable the application remotely. Some banks even allow you to share locations to detect the location of fraud.

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