Proudly present our Remittance Service

CCU Remittance Service is a convenient and secure way to send money from one account to another, whether it’s within the same bank or to a different financial institution. It allows individuals and businesses to make quick and hassle-free transactions, enabling the seamless movement of funds for various purposes.

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  • Wide range of currencies: Our foreign exchange service offers a wide range of currencies from around the world, allowing you to conveniently exchange your local currency for the currency you need.
  • Easy and fast transactions: Our funds transfer service enables you to send money quickly and easily, ensuring that your funds reach the intended recipient in a timely manner.
  • Multiple transfer options: We offer various transfer options, including online banking, mobile apps, and in-person transfers, providing flexibility and convenience to suit your preferences.
  • Domestic and international transfers: Our funds transfer service allows you to send money domestically or internationally, providing a global reach for your financial transactions.
  • Secure transactions: We prioritize the security of your funds, implementing robust security measures and encryption protocols to ensure that your transactions are safe and protected.
  • Transaction tracking: With our funds transfer service, you can track the progress of your transfers, giving you peace of mind and transparency throughout the transaction process.

Why Choose US?

Trusted banking partner

As a reputable bank, we prioritize customer satisfaction and financial security. Our funds transfer service is designed to provide a reliable and seamless experience for your money transfer needs.

Secure and reliable

We prioritize the security and reliability of your funds transfer, implementing stringent security measures to safeguard your transactions.

Speed and efficiency

With easy and fast transactions, our funds transfer service ensures that your money reaches its destination quickly and efficiently.

Domestic and international reach

Our funds transfer service allows you to send money domestically or internationally, providing a seamless way to transfer funds across borders.

Convenience and accessibility

Our funds transfer service offers multiple channels for you to send money, providing convenience and accessibility wherever you are.

Competitive rates

We offer competitive exchange rates, ensuring that you get the most favorable rates for your currency conversion needs.

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